I get the strangest email…

After 5+ years of doing image compression research back in the 90s, I get the strangest email requests. These usually come from students who are trying to get out of doing their own homework. Today’s example came with the subject line “plz help me.” I almost deleted it as spam, but decided to take a look.

respected sir,
i am ******** **** and i am student of final year of
electronics engineering i have given a project of image compression
using JPEG and DCT in MATLAB if u can help me plz help me in this matter i
shall be very thankful to u in this regard ihave just given very short
time i have just left 3 days for it.if u can plz help me if u have code of the image compression plz give me i shall be very thankful to u.my email
address is ********@gmail.com.
if u know abt or u have than
plz help me.plz.me will wait 4 ur response.plz help me.if u have some report
on it plz do forward to me.i shall be very thankful to u in this regad.
i realy need the code and REPORT or some documentation abt it plz do
forward me.plz help me.plz

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2 Responses to “I get the strangest email…”

  1. Kathryn Frailie Says:

    plz tell me, did u help him?

  2. cramer Says:

    nope – i just deleted it. where to even begin. if he’s only got 3 days then he won’t be able to learn it.