Plumbing issues resolved

Went to the hardware store, couldn’t find the precisely the right single plumbing connector and had to get three separate pieces instead.  Meaning, of course, that I now have twice as many joins and twice as many opportunities to leak.  I put the pieces together, connected them to the filter, and no leaks!

Apparently, plumbing is like my day job.  The solution to most problems is a hardware upgrade.

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One Response to “Plumbing issues resolved”

  1. Eunice Says:

    mmm…plumbing. get seth to tell you about his fun with hose connectors. eventually we just threw in the towel and got a hardware upgrade (a hose connector that was already connected and had the right parts), but not before we ended up with a little too many spare parts that didn’t fit (well, they sort of fit, but leaked anyway).

    i think there is a special place in hell, where, no matter how many connector and join parts and wrenches and tape you have, the plumbing will always leak. 🙂