a sign of the apocalypse?

Hmm, someone should go check the “rapture index,” I’m about to link to an article at Cato Unbound – the Cato Institute’s Blog. Richard Rodriguez write’s a beautiful article regarding Mexican Immigrants, their coming to America and what the clash of cultures means to second and third generation Mexican-American immigrants.

The response article by Victor Davis Hanson, restores my belief in the general silliness of the Cato Institute. For example, Hanson notes:

Only six out of ten second-generation Mexican Americans on average graduate from high school in four years; and less than ten percent have a BA degree—the legacy not of racism or America’s “cold heart,?? but of millions arriving from Mexico without English, education, and legality.

Of course, this is not something of which to be ashamed. When put it context, it is actually an amazing achievement and a sign of incredible assimilation. It is difficult to get precise numbers on the average high school graduation rate in the U.S., however, studies range from 70% to 80%, with those on the high side showing greater than 6 in 10 graduation rates for hispanics. Likewise, only about 20-25% of americans have a bachelor’s degree.

Go read Richard Rodriguez’s article, feel free to avoid the other.

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