Wildlife rehab notes

  • I haven’t put up the baby squirrels’ seven week pictures yet – I’ll do that tomorrow.  They’re getting huge (~150g each, up another 40g from last week)
  • Just had a guy drop off a flying squirrel to K.  Apparently, it swooped down on him at the intersection of 15-501 and Europa and he (not his fault) hit it with his truck.  Fortunately, he wasn’t going that fast.  Assuming the squirrel makes it through the night, I’ll post some pictures.  Since s/he’s a full grown adult and still only about 4″ long – he’s adorable.
  • Just registered a new site for K and a friend.  They’re planning on posting box turtle rehabilitation information there as well as information about a box turtle re-establishment project for which they are seeking approval.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you www.boxturtleheadstart.org
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