and we have a winner

K’s mom suggested “Sierra” as a name for the new dog.  That works for both of us, so Sierra it is.

At this time there Cheap Football Jerseys was no disease that I was aware of that was called chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE. Dementia pugilistica was unlikely since he was not a boxer. Schizophrenia was unlikely since he did not have any diagnosis of that disease in the extensive pre mortem clinical workup that he had. Alzheimer’s disease was less likely given his age.And we’re not sideshow anomalies a lot of families have one or two dwarfs while everybody else towers over them and taunts Oakley Sunglasses Outlet them with delicious pizza that they cannot reach. Once again, chalk this phenomenon up to simple science. Dwarfism isn’t a disease, a side effect of inbreeding, a result of corrupted DNA, or a voodoo curse it’s just a genetic mutation called skeletal dysplasia. While technically this is a hereditary condition, it’s also very recessive (at best, one baby out of every 4,000 draws the short straw) and thus highly unlikely to rear its tiny head very often. In other words, the likelihood of an entire family co holding the World Limbo Championship is pretty damn slim.But when a photo of convicted sports fixer Richard Perry sitting in a hot tub with several prominent UNLV players was published in the Las Vegas Review Journal in 1991, it brought the high flying team unwanted attention. It wasn until a decade later, when Sandoval then chairman of the powerful Nevada Gaming Commission oversaw the removal of banning bets on UNLV games that gambling and Nevada based sports teams began to co exist.While it’s hard to see Kaepernick’s sporting accomplishments coming even close to theirs with the exception of one good season he’s been a disappointment his gesture of protest put him alongside some of the greats who are now celebrated while Kaepernick is vilified. People like Muhammad Ali, Tommie Smith and John Carlos, who used their sporting talent to make a point, and suffered for it.All right. This is an important day for thousands of former NFL players who are waiting to get compensated for brain damage they suffered on the job. Payments from a massive concussion lawsuit settlement have been on hold for months since a small group of players appealed the settlement. Today in Philadelphia, a three judge panel will hear arguments wholesale football jerseys china for and against that appeal, as NPR’s Tom Goldman reports.7. So, considering last season’s heartbreaking regular season loss to the Broncos, never mind the backbreaking defeat in the AFC Championship game, the team’s 16 3 win last weekend was a definitive outing. Not only did it secure a playoff Fake Oakleys Sale berth, the Patriots clinched the AFC East for an eighth straight year a new NFL record and also earned a first round postseason bye. The loss of Rob Gronkowski has been tempered with back to back strong defensive efforts against the Baltimore Ravens and Broncos, cementing the Patriots as the team Fake Oakley Sunglasses to beat in the AFC. The Super Bowl may seem a certainty only Oakland is conceivably in the way especially with the Patriots peaking at the perfect time.

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