a quick update

I haven’t done much blogging recently, mostly, and somewhat ironically, it’s because things have been too busy to actually write about them.

Sierra’s doing well. She and Darwin are getting along great. They’ll run around the yard, the house or even the couch, if given the chance. There is much mouth fencing. She’s still very curious about the cats – poor cats. Our house has turned in to baby/puppy-gate central. Sierra went to the vet on Saturday. She’s in great health, although it seems that she’s about 50 pounds (from her size, I had guessed 30 – 40).  Right now she’s sound asleep, snoring on the couch.
Work is busier than usual. I did manage to interview a couple of candidates for an open position. One did very well, so I’m hoping to get approval to extend an offer next week.

Finally, I spent part of today working on the outdoor turtle enclosure for K. The problem with a turtle enclosure is that it needs to have a mesh bottom, *and* it needs to be buried about 4-6 inches deep in order to allow the turtles to hibernate. I dug out the area a few weeks ago and then built a 16 inch tall enclosure. The enclosure’s about 24 square feet, so I figure I dug up about 12 cubic feet of dirt. This weekend, I picked up a center brace and some 1/2″ mesh and stapled the mesh to the bottom of the enclosure. I had to dig out the pit a little more, but was able to drop the enclosure in place fairly easily. I then had to put 12 cubic feet of dirt back into the enclosure. Now I just need to build and install the top.

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