Not a bad birthday at all…

I took the day off for my birthday.  I got to sleep in late and get some things done around the house.  I managed, I think, to get rid of whatever was smelling up one of our air ducts, I tarred up part of the roof and repaired the fence where the dog kept getting out.  After that, I headed up for the Poindexter small group meeting and then his talk (more on these later).  On my way home, I picked up some take out from the local Mexican restaurant.  We ate dinner, made a cheesecake and walked the dogs.  I opened presents when I got back.  K got me a hand full of things I had wanted:  the Library of America Writings of Washington and the Writings of Thoreau, Jared Bernstein’s All Together Now: Common Sense for a Fair Economy, and the Pinky and the Brain DVD 🙂  Tim Powers’s On Stranger Tides is still being shipped.

All in all, a very good day.  Oh, and the obligatory picture of the birthday cheesecake:


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One Response to “Not a bad birthday at all…”

  1. Bettejean Cramer Says:

    Glad you solved the odor problem. Better yet, you had a satisfying birthday. I’m always so sad because we can’t be there, but then what could we have done. I don’t see me crawling under your house no matter how much I love you. : )