Happy Thanksgiving!  [updated]

I hope everyone’s having a good Thanksgiving. So far, ours has been great. K’s parents are in town which means: a) her father gets to see the house for the first time; b) we’ve got help cooking dinner; and c) we’ve got a reason to cook more food!

I started off the morning by (finally!) finishing the snake cage. I put the frames around the vents and put glass in about 3/4 of each vent (losing too much heat otherwise). I installed track lighting in the top and put two 75 watt grow bulbs in it. After they were on for an hour or so, the temperature rose to 81 degrees. Just about perfect. Eventually, we’ll replace the grow bulbs with heat lamps that produce no light, only heat; but for now, these are great. Luke’s basking right now and seems to be enjoying it.

We just finished dinner (did I mention more people == more food?). The menu was:

  • Turkey breast (for K’s father) and pecan crusted salmon for the rest of us
  • Cornbread stuffing with mushroom gravy
  • Walnut soup
  • Avocado, tomato and olive salad (no lettuce!) with a balsamic vinaigrette
  • Whole wheat rolls
  • Green beans with walnuts
  • Cranberry sauce

Dessert will be pecan pie. I tried something new with the pie – rather than using corn syrup, I used maple syrup. I’ll update later regarding that experiment.

I hope everyone’s enjoyed their Thanksgiving and have given a lot of thought to what they’re thankful for.

[Update: Using maple syrup in the pecan pie rather than corn syrup is a winner. I’m glad K ran across that idea.]

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2 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving! [updated]”

  1. Bettejean Cramer Says:

    Reading it makes it sound even better than hearing about it. Wish I could have tasted the Walnut Soup. (BTW: dessert has 2 s’s in it.)

  2. cec Says:

    *sigh* yes – you are right desert != dessert. i just can’t ever keep the two straight.