2007 Yellowstone Calendar

For the past few years, I’ve put together a calendar using pictures I took in Yellowstone. In 2004 (for the 2005 calendar), I was very excited about the project and used only photos I took that year. Last year, I had to raid prior years (it wasn’t the best Yellowstone trip for pictures). This year I think I can pull enough decent pictures from our 2006 trip.

The pictures I’m going to use for the 2007 calendar are posted here. I need to crop a couple of the bird pictures, but the rest should be okay.

Now I just wish I had started earlier. 🙂

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3 Responses to “2007 Yellowstone Calendar”

  1. Bettejean Cramer Says:

    They all look great to me. Talk about wishing you had started sooner–I was printing out our Christmas letter (note the late hour) when I ran out of color ink. I thought I had another cartridge. Actually I have four–but not the one I need. Iguess I can’t go to Office Depot tonight (note the late hour), but tomorrow…

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  3. Alkahest » Blog Archive » Yellowstone calendar pictures Says:

    […] to assemble the annual Yellowstone calendar.   This year I had a bit of a deadline (and not the shipping deadline this […]