subject: “electronics question”

If the subject of the email is “electronics question,” then it’s extremely ironic spam or yet another question from an undergraduate looking for someone to do their homework:

Subject: electronics question

1) with the aid of a clearly labelled diagram explain briefly the movement and type of charges involved in the formatiion of an unbaised pn junction.
2)draw the diagram of a self-bais circuit using the npn transistor.
3a) for what voltage will the reverse current in a pn junction silicon diode reach 95% of its saturation value at room temperature?
b) what is the ratio of the current for a forward bais of 0.2v to the current for the same magnitude of reverse bais?
c)if the reverse saturation current is 10pA, what are the forward currents for voltages of 0.5, 0.6 and 0.7v respectively.

Looks like the later to me.  Silly Swedish kids.

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