No water for you!

Yep, it has been a few months since we’ve had major water issues, so we were due. We had water before dinner, but when I went to rinse the dishes, we had no water. It seemed like the pump wasn’t working. I checked the breaker box, the breaker was fine. I went under the house with a multimeter and found that the pump controller was working and was sending power to the pump. So either the power is not reaching the pump, e.g., a root grew through the power line; or more likely, the well pump itself died.

I’ve got a plumber coming out tomorrow – I’m not screwing with the well pump. Now I’ve just got to rearrange my schedule to work from home :-/

Update 3/16 @4:30pm: the water is back on. My checkbook it a good bit lighter, but what do you do? It turned out that the well pump was shot and needed replacing 🙁

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