Wildlife from the front porch

When I was taking the dogs out last night, I noticed that we had a visitor.  A bat had decided to hang out on the front porch.  I’m guessing he was resting before going to work eating the insects in the area.  I called K, let the dogs do their thing and came back in for the camera.  Fortunately, he stayed put while I took a few pictures.  From our field guide to mammals, I would guess that he’s the Little Brown Myotis, but it’s not clear that they live in this area.  I guess we’ll look a bit more.

dsc_1908_m.JPG     dsc_1909_m.JPG

Inspired by the bat siting, I spent some time staking out our humming bird feeder (note to self, this is easier with a blind).  I took a few shots, only two of which were any good.  I particularly like the one where she’s perching on the branch.

dsc_1917_m.JPG      dsc_1920_m.JPG

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