Done. Finished. That’s all she wrote. Yesterday was my last day at the university.

Sometime before I left, I started thinking about what, if anything, I wanted to leave on my whiteboard. The obvious came to mind: “So long and thanks for all the fish.” But that’s a little too obvious. My next thought was to crib a few lines from Jonathan Coulton:

I fear nothing


See you all in hell

But I figured that wouldn’t be appreciated. Instead, I focused on finishing up some last minute projects and before I knew it, I had to leave to run an errand before the farewell party. I left the hard drive wipers erasing my laptop and desktop, grabbed my keys, procurement card, parking pass, prox card and id card.  All of which I left with the finance and administrative folks. When the door closed behind me, I knew that I couldn’t get back in the building and that the lightness I felt came from more than the lack of a laptop in my bag.

It really didn’t matter what I put on the whiteboard – I’m done.

p.s. to everyone that could make it to the party, Thanks! it was great. to those that couldn’t, i’m sorry i missed you. folks can email me at <my last name> (at) fenris (dot) org or at <first>.<last> (at) gmail (dot) com.

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2 Responses to “fini”

  1. etselec Says:

    You’ll be sorely missed! I hope you will be able to IRC, in any case. 🙂

  2. etselec Says:

    Oh, and a shot of you with the coasters (the only one that was any good due to my poor photography skills):