are there no good ISPs?

I’m starting to think that there aren’t any good Internet service providers.  hsarik had troubles with Rimu Hosting.  My own ISP seems to be far more focused on (their own version of) security than on usability.  At work we’ve been using Pair.  I’ve been pretty happy with them until this afternoon around 5pm when our project went dead while we had some 50 people using it.

When we first developed the project, Pair was using php4 (yeah, I know – it’s my own fault for using php 🙂 ).  Fortunately, they also provided phpwrap to allow cgi access.  Okay, that’s not great, but it at least let our project which required php5 go live.  Sometime recently, they made the default php5 without phpwrap.  If I had known, well great – but I didn’t see any mention of it. Today, right after I went home they broke phpwrap.  Easy enough to fix, but still irritating.

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