About a year ago, I mentioned installing Tracks a “Getting Things Done” application written in RubyOnRails. That was great when I had my always online desktop at the office. I could run a RoR app without a problem. Unfortunately, since I’ve left the university, I don’t have a computer I leave on all the time and my ISP doesn’t offer Rails. I started feeling the need for some sort of online task tracker, so I looked around for things that run on my ISP. Last night I found and installed gtd-php.

Unfortunately, gtd-php doesn’t seem to be very actively developed (last release in 2006) and it’s overly complicated. Today I looked around and found TaskFreak! It seems to be actively under development and easy to use. I’ve installed it and it seems to be what I need.

If you’re looking for a GTD list keeping application written in php, check it out.

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