well that was nice

I’m up at the university yesterday, tying up some loose ends from my job there when I ran into the executive vice president.  Essentially, this is the guy under the president who runs everything administrative for the campus.  I used to see him every month or so as a part of my job responsibilities and we always got along reasonably well.

So, I’m talking to him and he tells me that whenever he sees someone who has left the university, he always tells them that he hopes they made the right decision… because they aren’t coming back (implying that he will prevent them from returning).  He then goes on to say, but you are welcome back if you ever want to return and that this puts me in a very small group – three in twelve years.

For all I know he was blowing serious smoke up my ass.  But that’s not really his style.  Regardless, it was very kind and probably one of the nicest complements (in context) that I’ve received.

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4 Responses to “well that was nice”

  1. Seth Vidal Says:

    Wow, sure sounds like the EVP of duke just said duke has discriminatory hiring practices against former employees of duke. If I’m not mistaken I’m pretty sure that’s a protected group under the Equal employment opportunity act. Maybe there is an opportunistic lawyer reading your blog. 🙂


  2. cec Says:

    given the number of people that have come back, I doubt it 🙂

  3. Bryn Says:

    Somehow, I’m not particularly surprised that he has that sentiment (admitting that I don’t know him much at all).

  4. Luis Says:

    I can’t comment on the employment law question, but forget that… it is just plain dumb. If someone leaves, gains new skills, and realizes your environment was better than they thought at the time, why would you prejudge and not want them back? Alternately, if you’re so certain you don’t want them back, why are you not firing them and getting rid of them faster? Oy.