Guitar was the case

Maybe random Monopuff songs aren’t the best blog post titles, but what the heck.

K asked me what I wanted for my birthday (fwiw, I’m either very easy or very hard to shop for depending on whether or not you want to get me a gift certificate to a bookstore – thanks Mom!). From what I’m sure was out of the blue for her, I asked for a guitar – hey, I’ve always wanted to learn.

I went out with a friend on Saturday and found a decent guitar to learn on (relatively inexpensive, but with a good sound). I’ve been practicing for the past couple of days. A few observations:

  1. it is possible to make your fingers bleed. I haven’t gotten this far, but it’s in sight
  2. it shouldn’t be that damn hard to hold the strings to the frets, but there you go
  3. if i could just keep my fingers from touching other strings, I would be set

I’m working on tuning, scales, general fingering and a couple of chords. The chords only sound right about 1 in 10 times – I guess I’ll keep working on that 🙂

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One Response to “Guitar was the case”

  1. mom Says:

    Good luck with the guitar. Sounds like fun and I’m a little envious.