Calendar update update

In response to the two comments on my last post about the calendar:

etselec: I’m not certain if you were kidding or not.  FWIW, I don’t usually think of the calendar as something people outside of my family would be interested in.  I think that’s a pretty usual INTP trait 🙂  If anyone is interested in the calendar, it’s available at Lulu at the baseline cost of $11.29 each.  I didn’t put a markup on it, because it’s a fun thing rather than a plan to take over the world make money.

Mom: we just ordered them.  It’ll be a few days to print and then another 3 or so to ship.  Expect them by Friday the 14th at the latest.

World:  wrt to my mom, you see the kind of nagging reminders I put up with here 😉

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One Response to “Calendar update update”

  1. The Repetitive Encourager Says:

    I’m very excited about getting the new calendar so soon. You have spoiled us!

    Did you order calendars for Grandpa and Mimi?

    Note to world: This reminder to the calendar maker serves to substantiate his stance on nagging.