New faucet

I picked up a new kitchen faucet at Lowe’s today.  As usual with this sort of thing, removing the old faucet was the worst part.  The nuts holding the old faucet on to the sink were standard plastic nuts – attached to badly rusted screws.  After 30 minutes of trying: first by hand, then with a towel by hand, then with a wrench, then oiling the screw and trying the wrench, I gave up.  Thinking about it for a few minutes I realized that I have a 1″ drill bit for putting holes into a sink.  I got the drill and just drilled through the plastic nuts.  Victory!

Of course, in taking off the old faucet, I put a little pressure on the spigot and it completely broke off.  I’m just glad it held off until now 🙂

Once the old faucet was out, installing the new one was pretty easy.  I had remembered to buy new faucet connection lines which was good since I needed ’em.  I also remembered to pick up some more teflon tape which was helpful.  The only real mistake I made was testing the cold water tap after connecting it.  Unfortunately, the hot water tape was open so all of the water headed that way and down under the sink.  But at least I wasn’t under it. 🙂

Hopefully we’ll be set now.

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