Total eclipse of the heart, um moon

It was a rough night to try to get any pictures of last night’s total lunar eclipse. For long durations of the evening, you couldn’t even see the moon for all of the cloud cover. I did manage to get a few pictures. Most of them were slightly blurred because of the long exposure time and the 900 mm of focal length. However, some came out quite nice. The general process I used was:

  • set the camera to manual focus, auto focus will only screw you up here
  • play with the exposure compensation to get different effects. best results on exposure were about +1.0, however, that meant an exposure time of twice as long 🙁
  • set the camera on a two second delay (maybe should have used 5 seconds) to allow the camera shaking to die down after I hit the shutter release
  • wait until there was a break in the clouds
  • shoot

Probably the best shot I obtained is the one below:

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