tracks 1.5

Thanks to Luis, I find out last week that Tracks 1.5 has been released.  Tracks is the implementation of the  “getting things done” methodology which I prefer.  1.5 is pretty nice.  In particular, I look forward to hiding actions until a particular date.  In the past, I’ve wanted to track a todo some six months in the future.  I put it on the list and had to watch it for 180+ days.

The only trouble I had with the upgrade is that there’s some new SQL instructions in the code of the form “SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT foo)…”  That syntax was bombing on my ISP which was causing the AJAX updates to not happen properly.  It turned out that the sqlite3 driver uses this syntax and the sqlite2 driver has a fallback syntax since count-distinct isn’t supported.  Unfortunately, Dreamhost’s sqlite3 is about three years old and also doesn’t support count-distinct.  The solution was easy enough – copy the sqlite2 driver’s syntax into the sqlite3 driver.  Once that was done, everything worked great.

I suppose a better solution would be to get Dreamhost to upgrade sqlite, but somehow that seems like more effort.

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