Baby opossum pictures

When it rains it pours. A month into spring and K hadn’t received any calls about rehabilitating animals until today when she got two. The first was about baby bunnies. K doesn’t take baby rabbits because too many of the stories end with “and then they died.” For example, “I was rehabbing some bunnies in the spare room, the dogs barked, the rabbits got scared and then they died;” or “I successfully rehabbed the bunnies, but they got stressed out while I was releasing them, they stroked out and then they died.” You get the idea. The other call was for a litter of opossums whose mother had died. She took those.

Since the new version of WordPress has a gallery feature, I thought I would take some pictures at the most recent feeding and see how the gallery worked.

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4 Responses to “Baby opossum pictures”

  1. Patty Miller Says:

    I have recently rescued a baby opossum myself after my dog had killed his mother. I was only able to find one of the babies but I am happy to report that he is now 6 inches long and doing great. I also learned so much I had not known about the species. I enjoyed the pictures and wanted to comment. Thanks,

  2. Anonymous Says:

    how cute

  3. kaelynn Says:

    i love the pics they r so adorable and thank u for the info bcouse im doing a report on them p.s they r so cutey cute cute

  4. emma Says:

    hay im kaelynns friend and i totly adree with her about them they r my fav animols in the universe