Now I am feeling inadequate

I went out to the garden on Sunday and took a look at how the okra was doing.  Now I’m feeling somewhat, um, inadequate…


as a gardener.

Really, who lets okra get that big.  I should have been picking them every two or three days so that the maximum size was only 3-5 inches, not 8-12.

In other gardening news, I opened one jar of the pickled peppers early (they should still be pickling for another 3-4 weeks), and they are delicious.

Oh, and I am *so* jealous of these people.   They also seem to have a great stuffed pepper recipe that I would bet even K would eat if I fixed them with sweet banana peppers (as opposed to jalapeños).

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One Response to “Now I am feeling inadequate”

  1. eclectablog Says:

    You will positively LOVE the stuffed peppers you saw on my blog. They are equally good as stuffed roma tomatoes and, yes, you can use any kind of chili pepper, even ones that aren’t that spicy hot.