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In which my denial of free will receives support from Science [tm]

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

I’ve long maintained that free will is an illusion.  That the mind arises from the physicality of the brain and that there is no room for an active will separate from the physical processes of the brain.  That’s not to say that I’m a fatalist.  I don’t believe that thoughts are deterministic, let alone subject […]

Model update (updated!, updated again)

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Earlier, I posted my current model for predicting the NCAA tournament.  Since the whole thing is probabilistic, I figured that I would test it out against the current NCAA standings.  I considered four models: The one that I described A random selection of which team would win (50/50 chance) Always picking the top seeded team […]

They laughed at my theories!

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

They laughed at my theories.  They threw tomatoes when I presented my paper at the academy!  Tomatoes I tell you!  My minions cower in terror, shrinking in fright from the very ideas contained herein!  But I will show them!  I will PROVE IT TO THEM ONCE AND FOR ALL.  The FOOLS, I WILL DESTROY THEM!! […]

Allman Brothers Band

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

It’s a good day for the Allman Brothers: great southern rock without the confederate overtones and segregationist b.s. you put up with in Lynard Skynyrd. I could put “Jessica” on repeat and be happy for the rest of the day 🙂Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download The much anticipated first chunk of money […]

Great moments in . . .

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Minor notes, none worth their own Kong: Skull Island 2017 movie online now Traffic management: I get a call from K around 5:30. She’s stuck behind an accident and the cops on the scene, a) don’t tell people to take a detour until they’ve been there for a half hour; and b) once the […]

robert johnson

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

Dear After buying the collected works of Robert Johnson, blues guitarist from the 1930s, the man who was reputed to have sold his soul to the devil to become the greatest blues guitarist ever, I really don’t think I want albums by Robert Johnson the 70s power pop musician.  I know they have the […]


Friday, November 24th, 2006

It’s taken me a bit to write about Admiral Poindexter’s visit and the small group talk we had with him. Let me start by reminding folks that here’s a guy who was convicted of lying to congress. The conviction was later overturned on a technicality. He’s also very politically savvy. I once asked my father […]

“A plan, a plan, my kingdom for a plan!”

Sunday, November 12th, 2006

Now that the Democratic Party has won congress, a result I am thrilled to see, there will be increasing cries for them to present “A Plan” for Iraq. Leaving aside the constitutional issues, i.e., the executive branch is responsible for military operations, while congress controls the purse strings and provides oversight, asking for a plan […]

Free hugs!

Monday, October 9th, 2006

and if you haven’t seen this, you should – it’s very good. Resting is the best thing one can do to help promote healing, because cheap nfl jerseys wholesale movement aggravates the problem. It is best to avoid all possible activities that can cause strain to the bruised area. Activities like bending, lifting, carrying, […]

workplace culture

Sunday, October 1st, 2006

Caveat lector – this is not a fully formed thought, I’m just trying to get some ideas down. I worked with a guy (not a friend) who was obsessed by workplace culture. As near as I could tell, he came from an environment with an entirely different culture and didn’t care for the one we […]